Key Personnel

Chris McGeehan Snr – Executive Director

Chris McGeehan is Executive Director of Grandholm Production Services Limited, owners of safety tags specialist Vantage Tags. Chris is a successful and experienced director and is Group Chief Executive Officer of Bundy Refrigeration, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat transfer and cooling product components in the refrigeration industry.

Throughout his career, Chris has operated internationally, acquiring a wealth of experience. This includes managing operations and services across international borders which has been pivotal in guiding Vantage Tags towards becoming a leader in bespoke safety tags.

Chris’s background in engineering and working on the front line, gave him a crucial insight into safe working practices. He is now using all his experience, strategic vision and what he calls his ‘hands in’ approach to support and guide the management team to ensure the company consistently meets industry standards in safety tag production.

His commitment to leading by example, ensures that every decision is guided by the principle of delivering safety with every bespoke safety tag.

Chris McGeehan – Business Manager

Chris has over a decade of experience in the world of contracts and procurement in the oil and gas and geotechnical drilling industries.  Now as business manager at safety tag specialists, Vantage Tags, Chris brings to the company his extensive experience in industries where safety standards and regulatory compliance are a priority.

As an experienced contracts and procurement professional, Chris understands the pressures procurement and contract teams are under, particularly in maintaining safety standards amidst tight deadlines and budget constraints.

This experience is used to ensure Vantage Tags is focused on being proactive, collaborating with customers to design and deliver bespoke safety tags that are clear, durable, and formulated to withstand the industry’s harsh conditions.

Chris believes safety is not a checkbox but a lifeline; that proper tagging prevents accidents, promotes safety, and achieves industry compliance.

Warren Robertson – Sales Manager

Warren is an experienced print professional having worked in the industry his entire career, spanning over 30 years. He has supported leading operators and service companies in the oil and gas sector with specialist safety tags advice to help secure their assets and operations in the UKCS and other provinces throughout the world.

Warren is highly experienced in the design, manufacture and printing processes involved in helping customers create bespoke safety tags that are clearly recognised and understood and that can stand up to the wear and tear and rigorous demands of heavy industry.

Customers benefit from Warren’s extensive knowledge of print and material selection in relation to how savings and efficiencies can be achieved. This often starts with an audit of safety tag requirements for specific applications and equipment to streamline print formats and sizes.

Warren understands that each operation is unique, and his approach reflects this belief – every tag produced is designed to address the safety challenges and requirements of the environment where it is used.

Angela McGeehan – Commercial Director

As Commercial Director at Vantage Tags, Angela brings a wealth of experience in finance administration from a variety of sectors including retail, automotive, oil and gas, and the public sector. Her expertise in managing financial operations in both the UK and internationally is integral to the smooth running of Vantage Tags, ensuring the company remains financially strong while delivering on its commitment to safety and quality.

Angela’s role involves meticulous oversight of financial processes, from sales and purchase ledger management to credit control and payroll. Her ability to maintain precise financial records is crucial in supporting the company’s mission to provide bespoke safety solutions.

Angela’s financial acumen also ensures Vantage Tags continues to invest in a supply chain capable of delivering the latest technologies and materials, essential for producing the highest quality safety tags.

Angela believes every aspect of the business contributes to the overarching goal of safety. Her financial stewardship supports the ability to consistently deliver high-quality, reliable safety tags to enable Vantage Tags to play a vital role in maintaining a safe working environment across industries.

Hayley McGeehan – Operations Coordinator

Having previously worked at leading organisations in the automotive and IT sectors, Hayley’s expertise in HR and IT services makes her an asset to the Vantage Tags team.

Workplace safety is a vital part of her day-to-day approach to management, ensuring a safe environment for workers; a value shared by all at Vantage Tags. Her expertise in HR management gives the company a valuable insight into the rigorous safety standards, protocols, and operating procedures of customer organisations to ensure that safety is ingrained in every aspect of Vantage Tags’ operations.

Hayley’s meticulous diligence in HR matters, coupled with her time gained working with a Fortune 500 global IT services company, is helping to streamline the company’s operations while complementing the business and sales management teams in their support of supplying bespoke safety tags, vital to customer operations around the world.

Hayley believes that safety is not just a matter of compliance but a commitment to the well-being and security of everyone within the workplace.

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