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Oil and Gas Tags

We are a safety tag supplier

Vantage Tags understands how crucial safety is while working in hazardous offshore areas. We provide a range of safety tags and labels for the offshore energy industry that mark the status of equipment and assets in hazardous areas with maximum accuracy. We can also custom design safety tags for tanks, pipelines, hoses, cables and fittings – all designed to effectively keep personnel safe while they’re on the job.

Our identification and inspection oil and gas tags are produced using premium polypropylene materials that won’t degrade when exposed to extreme temperatures or hazardous substances – they are tear-resistant, tamper-proof, waterproof, UV resistant, oil proof and heat resistant. They can be relied upon to provide accurate information even under extreme conditions so that the safety of everyone working offshore is not compromised. Plus, their vibrant colours make them easy to spot from a distance.

Vantage Tags is registered as a supplier under SEQual®, which is operated by LOGIC, a subsidiary of Offshore Energies UK (OEUK), to improve procurement practices in the industry.

Choosing Vantage Tags for your safety tags means you can be confident your assets and personnel will stay safe whatever the environment throws at them.

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